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New Worlder

New Worlder aims to be the premier source of in-depth information about and reportage on food and travel in the Americas. Built using Node.js and WordPress as a CMS.
AngularJS Node.js WordPress wp-node

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(or WordPress Node) sparked as a child open source project due to some WordPress challenges my former team at DIRECTV was battling through. Wanting to move to Node.JS, there were some questions around the CMS aspect of WordPress. I believe that WordPress could be a flexible and powerful CMS as a REST API service.
WordPress PHP Node.js underscore.js

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nodeMoori allows audience members to actively participate with Moori, a digital art installation piece. Handling network connectivity with on top of nodejs, and rendering the UI with EJS template engine. This enables the audience to interact through their smartphones.
openFrameworks Node.js c++

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WordBurst was a game created in two days for a hackathon with awesome friends. Very fun days at inspired me to rebuild the back-end with socket-io. Make sure you ask your friend to join when trying it out.
Express Node.js CSS3

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